It’s a class trope from folklore: some magical entity (perhaps a genie?) says they will grant you a single wish. What do you ask for? Something practical, like your mortgage being paid off? Or something extravagant, like a never-ending supply of mangoes?

Now re-imagine that scenario with one slight difference: you already have everything you could ever need. Because, in a sense, you do. You are loved and have been redeemed by the all-powerful God of the universe, a reality we focus on throughout this Easter season. Even death itself has been defeated! When we live with acceptance of and gratitude for this mystery, our desires and wishes are transformed. We can’t help but want to share the love with others. This is the fruit of “remaining in” relationship with Jesus, the vine that connects us back to the Father.

When you’re most connected to Jesus, how do you desire to help your parish community? One big way you can contribute is through supporting our Catholic Sharing Appeal. Take some time this week to root yourself in the Lord, and see how He might be asking you to fruitfully support this important cause.