Dear St. Peter Claver Family,

We are indeed living in strange times, and with the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the subsequent suspension of Masses and Stay at Home orders, Bishop Brenna has asked the pastors to come up with creative ways for the faithful to go to Confession. To adhere to the Social Distancing guidelines and ensure as much as possible to have a somewhat anonymous, open-air and virus free environment for the priest and penitent to celebrate the Sacrament of Confession

I will hear Confessions at the front doors of Sacred Heart Church from 12 pm to 1 pm and again from 5 pm to 6 pm on Wed. 4/1, Thur. 4/2, Fri. 4/3, Sat. 4/4 Mon. 4/6 Tue. 4/ 7, Wed. 4/8.

As you approach the front doors of the Church from the parking lot in front of the parish office/ parish hall, turn the sign from Go (green) to Stop (red) to let others know the confessional is occupied.

There you will find a Screen, kneeler, and Chair. You may kneel or sit, but please remain behind the screen.

After you have been given penance and absolution, please return to your car. I will clean the chair and kneeler with bleach after each penitent.

Please turn the sign at the edge of the sidewalk( see attached photo) from Stop ( red) to Go ( green) as you return to your car to alert the next penitent that the confessional is open. We all must be vigilant and practice Social Distancing, so remain in your vehicles and do not approach others to socialize.

Thank you all for your cooperation.  I commend you all to St. Peter Claver.

ReV. Fr. Douglas A. Ondeck