Dear St. Peter Claver Family. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Eastertide social distancing and staying home. We will eventually see the end of these “Stay at Home” orders and the Suspension of public Mass, but there will be changes with how we worship and socialize at our parish. We are still waiting for direction from Bishop Brennan and the College of Consultors about how we are to proceed once we are allowed to celebrate the Mass together as a parish family. My thoughts and opinions about the handling of this pandemic by Church leaders are merely that, “my” opinion and though I think everything should be about me alas it is not ( I find this to be a crisis as well). Whatever we do moving forward must be done with the weakest and most vulnerable in mind and give glory to God. There are far too many unknowns about COVID-19 that we can not afford to play fast and loose with anyone’s health. Bishop Brennan will continue to meet with state officials and consult with his executive committees, and so we pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide him. 

Due to our fallen nature, we may tend to focus on the negative and allow fear and anger to guide us in how we interact with those around us, but there are unsung heroes among us who continued to care for friends and strangers during this health crisis. Here in our corner of God’s creation, we have avoided the severity of the virus and but we have had to deal with and continue to deal with the economic fallout. I want to encourage you all to continue to care for the poor in our community and those organizations that continue to assist them during this pandemic. In any tragedy, the poor and working poor are always the most affected. Though are church buildings were dormant the domestic churches continued God’s work and many of you continued to send in contributions to the parish so that we could continue to pay our utilities and other bills during the closure ( it seems that utility bills and invoices from vendors are the only thing immune to the Coronavirus). 

As we continue to work together to assist those in need, I ask that you also remember St. Peter Claver Parish and continue to mail in your contributions so that we will be able to have a place of worship to gather in on Sundays when all this is over. Though we are isolated from one another, please be assured of my prayers for you all. 

I commend you all to the protection of St. Peter Claver.
Rev. Fr. Douglas A. Ondeck