Eurchrist For The Sick and Homebound

Post by: Andy Chwalibog

Members of our Parish that have been forced to miss the Sunday Eucharistic Celebration due to illness/injury/age can still reeve at home or in the hospital.  As a parish community we have a responsibility to them to insure that they are not forgotten.  The healing power of the Eucharist has long been accepted in the Catholic faith, and I feel we have been remiss in failing to provide that to our members.

I would like everyone who knows of any member who cannot make the Sunday liturgy to contact me (Andy) directly and I will attempt to make arrangements to take the Eucharist personally, or have someone else take the Eucharist to them.

I (Andy) can be contacted at 304-208-5463 (mobile, text or call).  If you are interested in taking the Eucharist to the homebound please contact me so that I can arrange a list of those willing to undertake this ministry.  I also want to emphasize that the Eucharist can be given on any day, not just Sunday.

Call 304-208-5463 or fill in the contact form below.

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  1. oneida

    my mother in-law is 85 years old and is homebound due to injured legs. She is catholic and probably has not had communion in a while. Will you please call her and ask if you can come bring her communion? her name is Ms. Jean Ripley and her number is
    304 523 1057. She lives on 13th St. thank you and God bless you!
    from Oneida Ripley

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