St Peter Claver is looking for missing parishioners!  One thing everyone can do is trust in the efficacy of sincere prayer.  Pray specifically, pray for people we know who are away from the church out of fear of the pandemic, or  who have been scandalized by the behavior of this priest or bishop, who are divorced or remarried and think the church does not care for them, or they are gay and think the church condemns them just for that.  If you are coming to Mass you probably know who these people are, those who for one reason or another think attending mass and receiving the Holy Eucharist no longer has meaning to them.  We have to pray for those people.

Please make a personal invitation and call a friend you have not seen at mass for a long time.  Call a friend who is aliened from the church and invite them to reconsider, come back, we love you, we miss you.